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Dubai holds a new world record for the world’s deepest diving pool, reports CNBC. Opened a few days ago, this attraction, which is in addition to all the other huge infrastructures in the city, aims to attract tourists despite the pandemic.

The tallest tower (828 metres), the widest fountain (1335 m2), the tallest swimming pool (300 metres)… The United Arab Emirates is constantly setting new records.

Called Deep Dive Dubai, the pool “offers divers the chance to explore a sunken city nearly 60 metres underwater” – “15 metres deeper than any other pool,” the dive centre’s website says. It contains a volume of water equivalent to six Olympic swimming pools, or 14.6 million litres. If you are thirsty in the desert, you will be served.

As NPR explains, divers can venture into the various themed rooms decorated with flourishing vegetation, “play pool, foosball, or even chess underwater.” The water temperature is maintained at 30°C, enough to satisfy swimmers for several hours of exploration. You should expect to pay between 500 dirhams and 1500 dirhams (115 euros to 345 euros) for a one-hour session.

CNBC Englewood Cliffs (New Jersey)