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Giant beanbags to raise awareness of endangered species

The artist Porky Hefer has created some very original poufs, beds and hammocks in the shape of wild animals. A way to raise awareness about the disappearance of these endangered species.

Lying on the belly of a polar bear, snuggling in the arms of an orangutan or snoozing on the branch of a sloth, this is the experience that Porky Hefer offers us. The South African artist has created a series of giant poufs, seats and hammocks in the shape of wild animals. They look soft and comfortable, but the effect is deeper than that: to alert us to the danger of these endangered species.

It is in fact an exhibition organised for the benefit of the LDF, the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation, which is very concerned about the environment. But there’s nothing to stop you from projecting yourself: imagine for a moment these giant poufs in your living room or in your children’s bedroom… The dream!

© Porky Hefer – Photo Antonia Steyn / Courtesy Southern Guild and SFA Advisory