Our achievements

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ASTME – Moselle EST

Creations / designs :
Visual identity; Logo; Website; Business card; Brochures; A0 poster; Invitation cards; Office equipment

ASTME is an Occupational Health Service which allows any company to benefit from privileged, professional and local support to preserve its health capital and that of its employees.

Our mission
Creation of the ASMTE Moselle EST visual identity; Starting point for the design of the ASTME logo, the latter is an ambigram with a style that is both illustrative and institutional in its form, but also has a refined and modern balance in its entirety.
The latter represents the shape of a heartbeat integrated into a sphere to define the framework in which the company operates. The green dot at the beginning evolving to the orange dot represents the path and follow-up between the occupational physician (green) and the employee (orange) through ASTME, which defines a cycle with a predefined rhythm. The same curve gives us the initials ME, the key element of the department linked to AST.
On this basis, the graphic charter was applied to the main medium, the ASTME website, taking up the red thread of medical supervision and monitoring with an equally modern and uncluttered approach to ergonomics so as not to get lost in the information. In addition, stationery has been developed (business cards, letterheads, document holders, invitation cards, posters, etc.) as well as a series of brochures which are available on the site in PDF format, including a paper version which is available in ASTME centres.
For internal/external communication, office templates (Word, Power Point) have been created to make the whole thing coherent during exchanges.