Our achievements

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Creations / designs :
Visual identity; Logo; Poster

Chorus is an ensemble of about fifteen choristers from Africa and Casablanca (Morocco). Accompanied by professional instrumentalists and soloists, they form an excellent ensemble. They meet on Thursday evenings and one Sunday per month.
Directed by Christiane MARTINEZ ZUMBO, choirmaster and conductor, Chorus gives its concerts in churches or on theatre stages.

Our mission
The Chorus logo was designed with a certain finesse and elegance in mind, emphasising both its classicist character and its restrained baroque aspect (which is contrary to the baroque movement). With the tuning fork as the key word and its finely chiselled scrolls that are at one with the choir (Chorus). This ensemble gives way to the Chorus logo, a visual identity with a richness to be discovered.
Available in A4 format for programmes and A3 format for posters.

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