Our achievements

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Dodin Campenon Bernard

Creations / designs
Visual identity; Office automation (Word, PPT); Greeting card; Iconography; Web design; Intranet referral page; Website

Dodin Campenon Bernard carries the know-how, skills and agility of the Dodin and Campenon Bernard companies, which have made their mark on the profession in France and internationally. As a major player in public works in France (including Reunion Island), their ambition is to assert their presence in their historical fields of activity and to develop a long-term international activity in their areas of expertise, particularly complex engineering structures.

Our mission
A look to the future with the dynamics of a pure graphic design, declined on various printing supports (internal), office automation (internal), internet site and intranet. Redesign of the Dodin Campenon Bernard (DCB) graphic charter based partly on the constraints imposed by Vinci Construction, followed by an evolution towards a more independent visual identity. The latter is embodied in the arches of its logo, which offer a window on DCB works.