Our achievements

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Fenêtres de Picardie

Creations / designs :
Visual identity; Logo; Website; Flyer; Document holder; Kakemono

Founded in Grandvilliers in the Oise region, Fenêtres de Picardie is a specialist in custom-made frames and sashes for professionals and individuals. For more than 37 years, Fenêtres de Picardie has been offering innovative and durable products and has made quality of service an asset recognised by its customers. Its seriousness and the confidence of its customers have enabled the company to constantly evolve for almost 37 years.

Our mission
A complete overhaul of the graphic charter while keeping the essence that defines Fenêtres de Picardie, i.e. its red and yellow colour code, its references and expertise updated while preserving its values and proximity to its loyal customers.
In this spirit, the initial logo will be taken up again with a minimal update (replacement of the door), followed by the main communication axis, the responsive website with updated catalogues and realisations. A modern and uncluttered web design with the concept of opening up to the outside world to make room for the unique expertise of Fenêtres de Picardie technicians. As well as the development of business cards, a document holder (folder), a kakemono, a sign and a promotional flyer to complete the communication of new media.