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Meylan – Urban acupuncture

Creations / designs :
Visual identity; graphic charter; Booklet; Brochure; A0 Poster ;

The City of Meylan has launched a call for ideas to build a new collective representation of what Avenue de Verdun could look like in 2035.
This avenue forms the entrance to Meylan from Grenoble. It does not correspond to the park-town atmosphere that gives Meylan its identity. The town also wants to turn it into an urban boulevard, make it more comfortable for pedestrians and other active modes of transport, provide more greenery and design the public space around the great landscape. This call for ideas is also intended to foreshadow changes in mobility behavior.

Our mission
Creation of a visual identity based on the existing graphic charter (in this case used on their website) to initially produce an A0 poster featuring a satellite view of avenue de Verdun in Meylan, to present the concept of urban acupuncture through playful graphics and navigation inviting visitors to discover the town.
To accompany this display, an idea booklet details the acupuncture points, with various suggestions and reflections that can be applied right away. An appendix has been created to highlight the various exchanges that took place (and are still taking place) between the various players and the town of Meylan under the aegis of the Métamorphose association.


Technical coordination : Muttiah YOGANANTHAN – Métamorphose


Expert contributions and review :
– Corinne IEHL – sociologist in regional planning and development
– Julien DALLLEMAGNE – urban planner – JD Urbanisme
– Capucine JOIN-LAMBERT – CSR consultant – Yama Conseil

Graphic design : Jean-Gabriel NOZE – Smart ID