Our achievements

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Mis amigos los arboles

Creations / designs :
Visual identity; Logo; Website; Fact sheets; Illustrations; Posters; Magnets; Game cards; Game board; Manual

Educational project carried out in partnership between Impulso Verde Colombia and Fondo para la Paz. An environmental education project for children raises awareness among parents, family and friends. It is an initiative that enables children to better understand and protect nature and parents to create a better world for their children’s future.

Our mission
The main expectation when creating this visual identity was to have a playful spirit, not too childish, attractive enough to catch the eye of a young public aged 4 to 13, and to stimulate their desire to discover and learn through a set of games and actions in nature.
The central element is the tree, followed by the forest, which hosts a multitude of biotopes (animals, insects, vegetation, etc.) depending on its environment.
The logo and web design will be based on this idea of the forest, illustrated by the drawings of the children who have taken part in the awareness-raising program. But also the creation and variation of a graphic charter to design: a game with a path through the forest with questions and answers; a magnetic A0 poster allowing the child to place a magnetic sticker following the explanation of how a tree evolves; a certificate justifying the child’s participation in this awareness program.
A special website has been created, displaying all the groups who have taken part in a session, as well as displaying the children’s drawings individually, so as to keep track of their progress.
A user manual and brochure have also been produced to explain the pedagogical approach adopted via the site and other media.