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SteamPunk art on cardboard

Make way for poetry with Daniel Agdad, an Australian artist based in Melbourne, director of animated films and monomaniacal creator of these fabulous cardboard sculptures!

Cette série s’appelle “His work is called “Sets For a Film I’ll Never Make”, which he creates as he goes along, without a pre-established plan, according to his inspiration and imagination. We dive with him into a Jules Verne-like universe, quite similar to the one developed by the Machines de l’Ile in Nantes!

Artist Daniel Agdag will tell you that he makes things out of cardboard. This statement in no way illuminates the delicate form and eccentric narrative of his work.
His cardboard practice has itself lent to his award-winning short films across the world screening, collecting a Dendy Award™ and AFI nomination.

The work is created entirely from the humble medium of cardboard and glue. To say that it pushes the environment to its limits is an understatement.

His industrial imaginings are meticulously executed, forming delicate, seductive and often hypnotic and complex sculptures. The process, he creates intuitively by hand without detailed plans or drawings. His work has been described as architecture in form, moody in nature and incredibly complex.

Daniel Agdad concept Steampunk

Enough talk, let’s explore his universe!

© Porky Hefer – Photo Antonia Steyn / Courtesy Southern Guild and SFA Advisory