In a nutshell…

Open your eyes wide!

The beginnings of augmented reality

Today, through augmented reality, we can stimulate our gaze to make what we’re looking at even more immersive, a milestone that is gradually being reached and is titillating my retinas with pleasure.

In the new video sequences circulating on the net, it’s not a question of mechanics but of perception ^_^.

A quick reminder: our brain is a powerful and complex system. And everything we perceive is analyzed in three dimensions. Our eyes perceive 2 different images simultaneously, this subtle difference is due to the short distance between our eyeballs.

Based on these images, our brain calculates the spatial coordinates between objects. Our brains also enable us to perceive the distance and size of objects.

It’s all a question of optics and perception.

If you sense that a ship is approaching you, it’s a bit like the reaction of late 19th-century viewers to the Lumière brothers’ film of an oncoming train.