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The animated movement of the Cinemagraph

Everyone knows the Gif, one of the most used formats on the Internet. Yet it is a format often described as has-been. To deregulate it, Jamie Beck, a great photographer, and Kevin Burg, an animation specialist, invented the Cinemagraph, a revisited Gif that is neither a photo nor a video and whose purpose is to illustrate a short story.

We are often invited to take our time, to slow down, hence the emergence of a new trend: the slow life. The cinemagraph comes into play to slow down this overflow of visuals. We take the time to contemplate this innovative format to slow down the pace.

As you can see, the trend of the moment is nothing other than a still image with one of the elements animated in a repetitive manner. The result is refreshing, often poetic and always surprising. This technique obviously makes a simple photo much more vivid and appealing to the eye, while remaining as light to store in servers as the GIF format.

Ideal in your communication strategy, the Cinemagraph movement is very subtle, it intrigues the eye without distracting your readers from your message.