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Will the aircraft of the future be transparent?

Planes without windows, with a panoramic view, is the astonishing proposal unveiled by the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI). Within the next ten years, the British group would like to install new generation screens on several aircrafts, offering passengers an unprecedented view of the sky throughout the flight. Thanks to cameras covering the sides of the plane, passengers would be able to admire the panorama from several metres above, while being equipped with touch-sensitive tablets allowing them to choose the view of their choice, with a variety of landscapes available.

Si cette innovation ne devrait pas rassurer les phobiques de l’avion ou les acrophobes, elle aurait toutefois un atout économique. It reduced the weight of the aircraft, by slowing down their fuel consumption, and reduced the cost of tickets for passengers. As early as 2011, Airbus revealed its plans for cabins for the year 2050, consisting of interactive screens or seats adapted to the morphology. The roof of these new aircraft was made of transparent material so that the clouds could be observed during the flight.