Creation of the visual identity for the showcase site of the RMR group; follow the declination on the web for mailings, and the print for the kakemono. A modern orientation has been retained to highlight their industry-leading business, and new 3D modeling technology. The rendering brings us to a clean and dynamic visual identity highlighting the RMR group’s unique know-how.


Creation of the logo Osmoz21 representing the alliance of specialist in urban space planning (Architect, manufacturer of street furniture, installation and coating specialist); and declination on various supports of the business card, the leaflet, the showcase site with their common references. A window on their art through a streamlined graphic illustrating the environment in which they evolve.


Creation of the visual identity of the 2DNAquario association located in Neuilly sur Marne. Highlighting the aquarium environment and its unique environment; between freshwater fish and seawater fish, transmit the desire for learning to recreate a world entirely within the reach of all by integrating the association through various communication media.