Up2green Reforestation

Project Detail Customer: Up2green Reforestation Services : Visual identity, logo, showcase website, brochure, business card, kakemono Categories : Visual identity, print, web Link: www.up2green.com Description In a clean and modern design represents the spirit Up2green Reforestation declined on various media of communication; from the print (plaquette, kakémono, business card …) to the internet showcase site,…

Oise Environnement

Redesign of the first Oise Environnement site to a modern and high-end version to target both professionals and the general public in paving, paving, concreting and maintenance while providing the raw material. Highlighting their product catalog and service in addition to a guestbook, a news page and various albums of their achievement.

Rivoire IMMO

Redesign of the website’s webdesign Rivoire Immo based on existing elements, content optimizations, and declination for a panel, and business card. Highlighting the real estate aspect in a sleek style and pastel color code to contrast with the real estate. All giving a harmonious ergonomics and a hidden upscale in the presentation the services offered; in addition to a unique dynamism and professional know-how in human relations specific to this agency.


Creation of the visual identity for the showcase site of the RMR group; follow the declination on the web for mailings, and the print for the kakemono. A modern orientation has been retained to highlight their industry-leading business, and new 3D modeling technology. The rendering brings us to a clean and dynamic visual identity highlighting the RMR group’s unique know-how.


Creation of the logo Osmoz21 representing the alliance of specialist in urban space planning (Architect, manufacturer of street furniture, installation and coating specialist); and declination on various supports of the business card, the leaflet, the showcase site with their common references. A window on their art through a streamlined graphic illustrating the environment in which they evolve.