Project Detail

  • Customer: AST67 La santé au travail
  • Services: Visual identity, showcase site, graphic charter, brochure, business card, poster, shirt, kakemono, activity report, illustration, goodies
  • Categories: Visual identity, print, web
  • Link:


Redesign of the visual identity of the AST67 association, a partner of Occupational Health in Alsace, with a view to modernizing its image while taking into account both their performance in the professional social environment oriented towards the enhancement and professional exchanges of its members for occupational health in the Bas-Rhin. Based on the theme and the color code of the logo, the visual identity is based on a refined graphics integrating the values of AST67. Implementation of the progressive graphic charter through the website, monitoring of various printed media (brochures, flyers, posters …) and goodies.