Our achievements

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ELA Rénovation

Creations / designs :
Visual identity; Logo; Website

Ela Rénovation is a renovation company in the OISE. Our renovation company in the OISE has a common philosophy among all our employees: trust and professionalism. We put the client at the heart of the project to understand their needs and meet them with the right rates and in the shortest possible time.

Our mission
Creation of the Ela Renovation logo with the habitat as the central point, the renovation is represented by several precise points framing the house. The orange-yellow colour code emanating from the centre evolves into the green and blue colour codes which are there to underline the attention brought to the environment.
Indeed, Ela Renovation selects materials that respect French standards and certifications on its sites to respect the environment. On this basis, the web design was conceived on the idea of a tab sliding on the vertical, thus opening on the before and after construction. Hence the slanting, rounded angle at the top and bottom of the page, with an in-between section where the subject is developed. The navy blue colour underlines the rigour of the expertise brought by Ela Renovation on all its projects.
Following the creation of this web design, business cards and a tarpaulin will be produced, which will define the graphic charter of Ela Renovation.